Emmy-Noether-Projekt "Brückenschlag zwischen Geodäsie und Seismologie"


Interseismic and postseismic shallow creep of the North Qaidam Thrust faults detected with a multitemporal InSAR analysis

A Python framework for efficient use of pre-computed Green's functions in seismological and other physical forward and inverse source problems

Pyrocko - An open-source seismology toolbox and library

Grond : A probabilistic earthquake source inversion framework

Kite—Software for rapid earthquake source optimisation from InSAR surface displacement


Sensitivity analysis of InSAR data and seismological data in the estimation of earthquake source parameters towards joint data modeling

2016 Steinberg et al., Poster Presentation at ESA Living Planet Symposium
Poster Präsentation an dem Living Planet Symposium 2016 der ESA, Prag, Tschechien by Andreas SteinbergUrheberinfo


Andreas Steinberg (CAU), Henriette Sudhaus (CAU), Sebastian Heimann (GFZ), Frank Krüger (Uni Potsdam), Marius Kriegerowksi (Uni Potsdam)

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Improved geodetic earthquake source modelling through correction of ionospheric disturbances in L-band InSAR data

2016 Sudhaus et al., Poster Presentation at EGU General Assembly

Poster Presentation at the General Assembly of the EGU April 2016, Vienna, Austria

Henriette Sudhaus (CAU), Giorgio Gomba (DLR) and Michael Eineder (DLR)

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New developements in open-source tools to combine geodetic data and seismic waveforms

Presented at EGU 2018PDF

Software Toolbox Development for Rapid Earthquake Source Optimisation Combining InSAR Data and Seismic Waveforms


Automated assessment of rupture geometry and segmentation based on InSAR data and seismic moment rate functions prior to source optimizations

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SRCMOD - Database