Emmy-Noether-Project "Bridging Geodesy and Seismology"

Winter Hack 2017

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On the frozen Heiligensee in Potsdam during our third Hack Week - Hacking where others go on holiday.Foto: kind local lady on skates


Planned as a Go-Away-Winter-Hack, we finally admitted that some winter days can indeed be very enjoyable - like here on the Heiligensee in front of the Marble Palais in Potsdam. A perfect welcome for our new group member Simon, who here has just started his PostDoc with us.
During this hack we enjoy and discuss not only sun and ice, but mainly the new pyrocko functionalities that have been finalized since the last week. Together we work on example scripts and documentations. We also start discussions on new goals with our new expert Simon on slow slip or interseismic motions.

Achievements made so far:

  • Speed: With new function architecture and C code extensions we increased the forward calculation of seismograms a lot. Also the new psgrn static store back end is very fast. We are ready for optimizations! Also, we want to add fast analytical function for elastic half-space medium. Good for tests.
  • SatelliteTarget and Statictarget: are new handy target types for InSAR and GPS data in pyrocko.
  • New webpage: We have a shiny new project webpage pyrocko.org. Now we need to work hard to populate it with example scripts and improve the documentation everywhere.

Further topics:

  • Joint targets: the pyrocko engine will be enabled to handle heterogenous targets.
  • SatelliteMisfitTarget: A to be introduced class in pyrocko for optimizations
  • slow slip and back slip: We discuss what is special for dealing with aseismic slow slip and how locked fault in interseismic times are implemented.
  • Joint optimization with Grond: we want to teach grond to optimize also static targets. We discuss needs.


Participants: Henriette Sudhaus, Simon Daout, Sebastian Heimann, Andreas Steinberg, Marius Kriegerowski, Marius Isken (from left to right, see picture) and Hannes via telecon again from desert land.


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