Emmy-Noether-Project "Bridging Geodesy and Seismology"

Autumn Hack 2016

Showing group members discussing at the Hack.Impressions of the BridGeS Autumn Hack 2016 Fotos: H. Sudhaus


Here we are again for the second concentrated pyrocko action week. Yes, we find we like this format a lot! Nobody wants to miss a thing, so even Hannes joins us for many hours via telecommunication from desert lands. We share and discuss our ideas, problems, questions and Mate softdrinks. Sometimes we even have solutions and answers - or coffee (in rare cases Jaegermeister).

Main topics are the static Green's function store, performance of forward calculations, code health with new tests and documentation.

Important developments in some more detail:

  • Kite is born: The in-house InSAR data post-processing module kite outlined during the Summer Hack has been set-up by Marius. It is very interactive, handy and generally very promising. Further development will bring great things!
  • Pyrocko and new modules: Pyrocko has now some special modules for special purposes. We decide to organize all of them under pyrocko.org to emphasize the strong connection and interactiveness of the modules with mother pyrocko.
  • Performance: Sebastian shows us how to speed up the code by moving some functions to C code. Here we are truly hacking - or at least some of us).
  • PSGRN GF store: Hannes is working further bringing the PSGRN functionality to pyrocko. The group tries to help.
  • Documentation: We start to look into documentation of the code. This ia a long-term engagement


Participants are again: Marius Isken, Sebastian Heimann, Hannes Vasyura-Bathke (webcam), Andreas Steinberg, Marius Kriegerowski and Henriette Sudhaus (bottom picture left to right).


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