Emmy-Noether-Projekt "Brückenschlag zwischen Geodäsie und Seismologie"

Research interests


I am mostly interested in studying earthquake sources and in methodological developments to improve our estimations. I have further an interest and record in volcano-related deformation processes.

My expertise is in space-borne SAR (Synthetic Aperture RADAR) data processing and analysis. In these InSAR data I am primarily looking at crustal deformation signals as caused by larger and/or shallow earthquakes.

Using these data of measurable surface displacement I am analysing the properties of the earthquake sources and I try to improve our techniques methodological. One of my specialties here is the detailed consideration of data errors in the analysis and the error propagation to estimate the model qualities.

I also try, where possible, to combine different instrumental data sets to better constrain the models. Where possible I am using as many InSAR and SAR data as possible, GPS if available, and more and more seismic data. For the latter, the combination of geodetic and seismic data, we work in the Bridges-Group with special force on the methods how to best join these very different data types


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