Emmy-Noether-Projekt "Brückenschlag zwischen Geodäsie und Seismologie"

InSAR Sensitivity Analysis of Tandem-L Mission for Modeling Volcanic and Seismic Deformation Sources

Ansari, H., Goel K., Parizzi A., Sudhaus, H., Adam, N., and Eineder, M., (2015)

Proceedings of ESA (SP-371), 1-8,

electronic library


We assess the reliability of space-borne InSAR-derived deformation source parameters for volcanic and seismic events, with special focus on the future L-band data of the proposed Tandem-L mission [1-3].

Using representative simulation cases, the influence of certain characteristics of the InSAR measurements on the source model parameter precision is quantified. The performance drivers are assessed from two aspects: the data acquisition geometry as well as the measurement noise; in particular governed by signal coherence and superposed atmospheric signal.

The significance of each these governing noise components is shown to be dependent on the spatial scale of the geophysical signal of interest as well as the deformation source mechanism in question.

Here, we estimate the error bounds for the inferred source parameters as a function of the signal coherence and atmospheric signal parameters.


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